Sexual Fantasy, Helpful?

Many people who find "pleasure" to perform sexual fantasy, it's better than the reality he faces. Suppose imagine more handsome and powerful husband, or having sex with a crude manner. This imagery, is also believed many people, can add to delicious. Really?

People often assume that by fantasizing that they want to do everything exactly as they were out of the shadows. However, this assumption is not universally true. For example, imagining a husband wants to gnaw on
the shoulder and neck, because it will be more enjoyable, in fact, the husband directly instead play "shoot".

The results of a study of married women to prove that the sexual problems, psychological problems or personality disorders that had nothing to do with sexual fantasies. Because most of them do not want what they imagined it suffered in the real act, because the sexual fantasies that are more natural, yet creative. Just wanted to eliminate boredom and loneliness.

However, the researcher Bernard Apfelbaum, contends that most of them fantasizing because it is not satisfied with the reality, and the potential to cause conflict with their spouse. For example, your spouse sexual reaction is inhibited, it is because he knows that there are others who engage in sexual relations which she did with you.

Another example is when a concerned look at the fact that her partner did not like the ones in the sexual fantasies that have been experienced. Then the conflict would easily arise. Apfelbaum added that the intimacy and trust in a relationship with a partner can be reduced by the fantasies that go in the life of one partner or both.

But opinions differ Robert Stoller. He explained that sexual fantasies are private pornography is a form of revenge against the unpleasant situation of having experienced before. Other sex experts such as Alan Rapaport also have negative views toward sexual fantasies because it can interfere with intimacy between husband and wife relationship.
However, others argue that fantasy is something that is fair, and positive impact on the relationship of husband and wife. Of course, if fantasy is expressed in tangible acts on their partner. And of course if your partner does not know the other image that comes to mind is concerned.

It is of course sexual fantasy players will feel the disappointment when her partner was not aware that appeared in his mind. And for some women, the impact is the failure to orgasm, and it was possible to do fantasy for the purpose of sexual relations are to be lived with a partner will be able to run well and get a more powerful orgasm than usual. But hope only hope, because not all of which ultimately can reach orgasm.

The cause of failure other than their partner did not get the shadows in these fantasies is the failure of orgasm in women, especially sexual dysfunction husband. Now, if this was the cause, then you not only need to fantasize but need to also perform or fantasizing about others.
Indeed, it is not certain about how many people who practice their sexual fantasies into real deeds, as well as with unknown people who are not practicing their sexual fantasies, and just think what they are doing is simply fantasy.
Several factors also encourage a person to perform or not perform sexual fantasies in real action. Namely strong fantasy least, how the acceptance, how to trust and understanding from her partner, type how, and how he feels concerned and their partners.

Then, how to express sexual fantasies, when you want it to become a reality? Of course it is varied, the problem is, every experienced sexual fantasy can not be guaranteed in real action. Therefore many of which only represent the symbols. For example, a husband fantasize having sex with a former girlfriend once, because she could not do it, then told his wife he would look and act like an ex-girlfriend. For example change the layout style hair or told to wear perfume worn by the former.

Symbolically, this is often done without having to tell your partner if what she's wearing or act like this is a reflection of the ex-boyfriend. Each person must do so in different ways. For example, a boy, not a few of those seeking another woman to fulfill their sexual fantasies. And not a few, are practical reasons, find sex workers who are considered full of sexual experiences, as well as sex work for money, to satisfy consumers.

But, if fantasy is involving other people, the possibility of negative impacts have been careful thought before, or before it is too much involved. If only limited fantasy sexual fantasies, the impact is of course small. However, it all depends on how much involvement the person, not a problem, instead, can be profitable if one can divert to the fact that there in front of him, namely to their sexual partners themselves.